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Your prescription doesn’t have to affect your sporting performance

When it comes to taking part in your favourite activities do you find that your glasses hinder your enjoyment? Maybe you choose not to wear your spectacles and therefore can’t take part to the best of your abilities?

At City Eyewear Opticians we offer a variety of specialist sports eyewear, so now you can enjoy your favourite sports and activities without having to worry about your eyesight.

All of our specialist eyewear has been designed to specifically protect your vision from the threats posed by your chosen activities. Whether it’s swimming, football or squash that you’re interested in, you can rest assured that your eyes will be safe and your vision unhindered.

As well as offering great protection, almost all of our sports eyewear can be fitted with your prescription; the quality of your vision will never hinder your performance again.

When you visit us at City Eyewear Opticians one of our knowledgeable dispensing opticians will help you choose the eyewear best suited to your needs. You may need goggles, protective sunglasses or contact lenses; no matter what your requirements, we can help.

We’ll also be able to recommend tints and coatings for your eyewear that will further enhance your visual acuity. For example an anti-steam coating would benefit swimmers and a brown tint will enable golfers to see their ball more clearly on the fairway.

We can also do safety eyewear for your eyecare needs whilst at work.

If you would like more information about the specialist eyewear we stock at our practice, or to book an appointment to come and visit us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact us by calling  01274 729393 or by sending an email to hello@cityeyewear.co.uk.