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If you’re a driver, hopefully you’re already aware of the legal guidelines concerning eyesight requirements on the road.
You must be able to read, with glasses or contact lenses if necessary, a car number plate from 20 metres away. If you can’t, you could be putting yourself and other road users at risk. This is because poor eyesight makes it harder for you to react quickly and avoid sudden hazards that may appear.
You could be fined up to £1000 if you’re found to be driving with uncorrected vision and fail to meet the above requirement.
If you need glasses to drive, make sure you always have them on you. If you wear contact lenses it’s often a good idea to carry a spare pair of glasses as well, just in case you need to take your lenses out.
Certain driving conditions can make it even harder to see the road. Morning sun, sunlight reflected off of snow and direct sunlight in your rear-view mirror all produce glare, which can be dangerous when driving.
Polarised sunglasses and light-reactive lenses have a dark tint to help filter glare, helping you to see more clearly when driving in difficult conditions.
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