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Meet the team of friendly professionals who will be caring for your eyes at City Eyewear

When it comes to choosing an optometry practice you want to know a little bit about the people you’re going to be trusting with your most precious sense. For that reason, we have put together this page so that we can quickly introduce the team of friendly optical professionals you can look forward to seeing when you visit us.

Luke Baker – Optometrist and Owner of City Eyewear Opticians


Our owner Luke is a compassionate optician with over 16 years’ experience caring for eyes. He enjoys all aspects of his work and is dedicated to delivering a first class optometry service to all those he sees: the elderly, young, old and new patients. He loves to dream and develop new area’s of business and is passionate about making his patients feel special in not only their customer experience but about themselves too.

Shawny Penn – Optical Assistant


The newest member of the team. Shawny started her optical experience working for a large multiple, where she developed a great range of dispensing skills before giving birth too her first born. She has now decided that customers are her priority rather than just selling glasses and feels working at City Eyewear Opticians helps her to do just this. Shawny is a fantastic singer and has frequently has try outs for X Factor, The Voice and other TV shows. She also enjoys being a DJ in her part time.

Angie Penn – Receptionist


She helps keep a clean steady ship and always gives a warm, friendly welcome. Since joining the team she learnt a lot in her two years on board and can now dispense single vision glasses and is competent in all areas of Optics.  She has worked in customer services for over 16 years in between being a full time Mum to her three children. She loves walking, especially with her dogs Poppy and Barny.