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Kathryn Baker Director of City Eyewear Bradford along with friends Mandy Dowling & Debbie Steane will  do a 1 mile swim of Lake Windermere on Sat 14th June.

They are swimming in aid of Katie Smith Fund 

Katie is a very special 10 year old who was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF1) and scoliosis in 2009. Katie goes to school and enjoys life with her family and friends but suffers from chronic back, chest and leg pain on a daily basis. Katie gets tired very easily as she finds it very difficult to sleep during the night due to pain and discomfort. Katie lives in Bradford (West York’s) and has a twin brother called Joseph.

If you want to find out more a FaceBook Page has been set up called Katie Smith Fundraising group.

Watch this space to see if all three come back alive without sinking …………..

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