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Our optician has his own young children so has experience dealing with youngsters

When it comes to your child’s vision you want to know that it isn’t causing them any problems. You want to visit an optician who is able to conduct a professional and thorough eye examination, whilst keeping your little one entertained.

At City Eyewear Opticians our optometrist Luke has his own children and therefore understands your concerns. He also has a wealth of experience testing youngsters’ eyes so you can rest assured that your little one is in great hands.

It’s important that your child remains focused during their eye examination; Luke has a few tricks up his sleeve to help achieve this. Using a number of interactive methods, picture charts and exercises, your child can look forward to a fun yet beneficial sight test.

It is recommended that your child has their eyes tested annually from the age of 3. The majority of eye conditions don’t have any symptoms so regular check-ups means that your little one’s eye health and development is being monitored. In cases where eye conditions are undiagnosed, children can go on to become frustrated with school work and disruptive in the classroom.

Up until the age of 8 years old your child’s eyes can be ‘moulded.’ This means that should a minor eye condition such as a squint be spotted during this time it is highly likely that it can be rectified. After this age however, eye conditions can become harder to treat.

When Luke isn’t busy conducting eye examinations in practice, he spends time educating children at the local schools. As well as encouraging the children to care for their eye health, he asks them to donate their old glasses to Africa Connection and arranges trips for classes to visit him.

If you would like to book your child an appointment to have their eyes tested by Luke, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact us by calling  01274 729393 or by sending an email to hello@cityeyewear.co.uk.