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You might think that your glasses are more robust than contact lenses because they require less day-to-day care. In actual fact, if you’re a glasses wearer you should follow some simple but key steps to keep your specs in great condition.
Firstly, always take your glasses off with two hands, never just pulling from one side. This keeps the arms straight and aligned, and stops the frame being gradually pulled out of shape.
Always wipe the lenses of your glasses with a clean microfibre cleaning cloth, available from your opticians. Rub both sides of each lens gently until you can’t see any smudges or flecks of dust. Never use clothes or tissues to clean your glasses as dust on these or even the fibres themselves can scratch the lenses.
As tempting and convenient as it might be, try not to put your glasses on top of your head when you’re not wearing them! This forces the arms out of line and stretches the frame, making them more likely to slip off your face and be scratched or broken.
Try to remember to keep your glasses in a solid case when you’re not using them; cases are available from the opticians (sometimes free of charge). Keeping your specs protected reduces the likelihood of them being scratched or broken in your bag or pocket.
Finally, if you often find yourself pushing your glasses back up your nose, make sure you’re doing so by grasping the sides of the lenses rather than the centrepiece. This is especially important for wire-framed glasses as the finish can easily wear off over time with repeated contact, and also puts excess pressure on the nose pads.
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