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As an employer you’re legally obligated to care for your employees’ vision

Angie pic 2      Symptoms of eyestrain can include headaches, blurred vision and burning and/or tired eyes. If left uncorrected, eye strain can lead to inefficient performance in the workplace and in certain cases, employees needing time off work.

At City Eyewear Opticians we offer a complete corporate eye care package. This means that we’re able to offer your employees a number of benefits through a comprehensive eye care scheme, including sight tests and great discounts on the latest eyewear.

Employees that use computers at work should be having their eyes tested annually to ensure that they’re not under any unnecessary eyestrain whilst they’re working. You as the employer are responsible for paying for these eye examinations under the DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Act.

Our optician Luke will test each of your employee’s eyes before prescribing them with corrective eyewear should they require it. If glasses are recommended solely for VDU use, you will be given a corporate voucher to help towards the cost.

If you would like more information about our corporate eye care package please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact us by calling  01274 729393 or by sending an email to hello@cityeyewear.co.uk.