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Long-sightedness (hyperopia) and short-sightedness (myopia) are the most common reasons for wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Long-sightedness, where the sufferer has trouble seeing objects close to them, affects approximately 15% of the population. Short-sightedness, difficulty seeing objects in the distance, affects about a third of the population. Both conditions are easily detected in routine eye tests and prescriptions can be made up for corrective glasses or contact lenses.

Symptoms of short-sightedness include:

–    Squinting or frowning to focus on objects in the distance
–    Sitting close to the television or at the front of the cinema
–    Having difficulty reading display text from the back of a room

Short-sightedness normally begins to develop between the ages of eight and 12, but can occur any time up to the age of 20. It commonly runs in families, so if your parents or grandparents were short-sighted, chances are you might be too.

Short sightedness occurs when the lens and cornea in the eye focus incoming images slightly in front of the retina. Images in the distance are therefore less focused and appear blurred. Depending on the severity of the condition, a prescription can be created to correct the defect.

Symptoms of long-sightedness include:

–    Headaches
–    Eyes feeling tired or strained
–    Near objects appearing blurry whilst distant objects remain clear

Long sightedness is less common than short sightedness. However, it is also more likely to develop if there is a history of the condition within your family. The condition is linked with ageing and therefore onset is more likely to occur later in life.

A long-sighted eye focuses images slightly behind the retina, so objects that are far away are in focus but nearer images appear unclear. Again, prescription glasses or contact lenses can often correct this for the sufferer.

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