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If you have an old pair of glasses lying around, why not change someone’s life with them?

lukeinpectingaboyWhen you get a new pair of glasses what do you do with your old pair? Do you throw them out? Maybe you put them somewhere and forget about them?

Did you know that your unwanted spectacles could change someone’s life?

In November 2012 our owner Luke combined forces with David Bass from Africa Connection, an independent Christian mission working to support African Nationals. He joined the charity in the impoverished Kerugoya area where he delivered eye care and spectacles to those who needed it.

Whilst on his trip Luke joined others offering vital health care from a medical camp that was set up and run from a local church for just three days. During this time Luke and his peers saw 500 patients who were screened for HIV and diabetes, had their eyes tested and their blood taken.

Luke recalls, “I remember looking out of the church window and seeing at least 150 people left in a queue. It was mid-afternoon and I hadn’t eaten. It was then that I really appreciated how desperately those people needed my help. How could I stop for lunch and tell those that were waiting – some of whom had travelled 20-30 miles by foot – that I was taking a break?”

Today Luke continues to donate as many pairs of unwanted spectacles to Africa Connection as possible. He encourages his patients to hand over their old glasses and since his trip in 2012, has provided over 600 Africans with much needed eyewear.

If you would like to donate your old or unwanted glasses, please don’t hesitate to pop in to our practice.

If you would like more information about Africa Connection, click here.

For more information about Africa Connection, or to speak to Luke about his work in the medical camp, get in touch. You can contact us by calling 01274 729393 or by sending an email to hello@cityeyewear.co.uk.